The Solid State and Photonics Initiative (SSPI) creates a collaborative framework for research at Northwestern University.

Addressing the big problems in our society requires large collaborative efforts including many different experts from many different fields.  The Solid State and Photonic Initiative (SSPI) provides the framework for researchers from related fields to collaborate on multidisciplinary research in Health, Energy, Security, and Communication.  By incubating new ideas and fostering a supportive atmosphere, SSPI will guide Northwestern, with its already strong tradition in cross field collaborations, to be at the fore front of photonic and opto-electronic technologies.

  • Facilitate communication within Northwestern, neighboring national labs, and Industries through workshops, seminars, and forums
  • Coordinate proposal preparation and submission for large scale opportunities and programs
  • Encourage and facilitate technology transfer
  • Promote a strategic alliance with related companies and research labs (i.e. Motorola, Northrop Grumman, Argonne National Labs, and Fermi National Labs)
  • Develop graduate and undergraduate curricula for photonic and solid state topics
  • Support top faculty and student recruiting in related areas

SSPI images